Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Enroll an executive MBa with 5 reasons

Looking to climb the professional ladder? Ready for a new challenge? Thinking about heading back to the mid-career? Inspired to reach new heights of professional and personal with Program Kellogg-WHU EMBA.

Based on the Otto Beisheim School of Management - with campuses in Vallendar and Dusseldorf, Germany - The Executive MBA Program is part of the global class.

Kellogg School of Management from a top business school network covering Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East.

1. Acquire new skills and new perspectives
Take the opportunity for executive education and you will be in good company.

You'll find fellow participants Kellogg-WHU you have a variety of academic backgrounds and are from all walks of life profession.

Share classes with peers of Banking & Finance, IT, Consulting, Commerce, Engineering, Science and the Law brings a new dimension to learning.

With an average of 11 years of work experience, participants follow the program with established skills and expertise in middle and upper management.

Students generally want to strengthen and build the existing management competencies. For those who come from a technical background is about expanding their toolbox so-to-speak, and get new management skills.

What's more, the program is delivered by a global network of professors, which span profile best in their field.

Still very active in the business world today, they are ready to share their extensive experience and their expertise with students.

2. Prove yourself with personal challenges
You can not lead others effectively if you do not know yourself. It is a philosophy that has long been the focal point of the Kellogg-WHU program, rather than products with current trends.

Best management practices require the ability to communicate and motivate. We understand that consciousness itself is a key characteristic to work with and lead others.

That is why a structured approach to the process of personal development programs run for two years, which includes profiles, coaching and 360 degree feedback.

"We take great care in assembling the study groups", saying that-WHU EMBA program director Hannelore Forssbohm.

"It is very important to us that managers benefit in every way possible and absorb the experience and information from every source available to them -. Lecturers, fellow students and renowned guest speakers"

Personal growth comes from the opportunity to discuss, debate and solve real-life business problems.

By drawing on the professional experience of participants, interactive learning environment is created that promotes the exchange of ideas alive.

3. Distinguish themselves with professional development
Some students were promoted during the program. Another made a move to change the company. There are even starting a new business.

What is common among all participants is that they had an extra dose of confidence to be able to discuss specific issues with the 'experts' in the company.

This not only comes from learning new knowledge but the participants gain a new perspective each time they enter the classroom.

As Hannelore Forssbohm explains: "By stepping out of day-to-day management role, you have a great chance to get a broader, more multi-faceted perspective into your business and the business world at large."

Furthermore, the structure of EMBA time flexible enough to ensure that students can actively participate in this program in combination with pursuing their careers and continue to work obligations.

4. Join the international network with diversity
This is a program that thrives on diversity - professional, personal and cultural.
Do you know more than 55 percent of the class came from outside Germany?

The international environment is naturally suited for an enriched learning experience.

This contributes to breaking down boundaries and encourage business a new perspective on the workings of global trade.

Group reshuffled to ensure participants learn to work with various global partners. As a student, you have access to more than 700 alumni of WHU and Kellogg alumni of more than 55,000 worldwide.

Our network of faculty, as well as visiting speakers, providing a sounding board to bounce off ideas, regardless of cultural or professional background.

5. Reap benefits for you and your company
Of course, not only the students who benefit from this program. Companies benefit from the retention of talent and all the new skills acquired as the program advances.

"EMBA students return to their office and immediately be able to apply what they have learned in class," added Forssbohm.

"Eye opening and, in some cases, changes in life, this experience can only happen when you close the office door and immerse yourself in a new challenge," he added.

In today's business climate there is a critical need to understand and respond to the increasing number of challenges.

Due to demographic changes and globalization, lifelong learning became a critical success factor for the company for a sustainable competitive advantage.

Top EMBA programs are always evolving to reflect the current business environment allows participants to remain one step ahead of the crowd management.

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